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Rio Beauty ‘Ultimate Nail Art Collection’

Rio Beauty 'Ultimate Nail Art Collection' on pollypolish.com

Rio Beauty ‘Ultimate Nail Art Collection’

Mega nail art kit time!

Rio Beauty 'Ultimate Nail Art Collection' on pollypolish.com

Rio Beauty ‘Ultimate Nail Art Collection’

The contents of this box are pretty epic, here’s the full list:

  • 6 brushes
  • 3 double ended dotting tools
  • A silicon hoof thingo
  • Wheel of fimo slices
  • Wheel of studs/rhinestones
  • 4 pots – caviar beas, glequins and the like
  • 2 rolls of nail foils
  • Nail foil adhesive
  • Base/top coat
  • Black nail art pen
  • White, red, green shimmer and silver foil polishes
  • Ten mini tubes of glitters
  • 2 stamping plates and accessories
  • 3 rolls of striping tape
  • A finger rest
  • An instruction book
  • DVD
  • A plastic stick that I genuinely have no idea what to do with

All in all a pretty impressive range of nail art supplies, but what about the quality? For £29.99 I didn’t have terribly high hopes prior to receiving the box to be brutally honest. You know us Brits, we’re a naturally suspicious bunch. It just seemed too good a price for the vast array of contents. On first opening though I was pleasantly surprised, with everything looking lovely and in it’s own little slot, protecting all the contents from rattling round the box.

I’m told the contents are worth £70 if bought individually, and I can definitely imagine spending a lot more than thirty quid trying to get a full range of supplies together.

Nail foils

Rio Beauty 'Ultimate Nail Art Collection' on pollypolish.com

Rio Beauty ‘Ultimate Nail Art Collection’

I’ve been itching to try nail foils so I dove right in and pulled them out first. It took a little trial and error, and I’d recommend ditching the plastic hoof that is suggested in the instructions book. It’s just a little harsh and I ended up ripping the base colour off with the foil backing. I also left the adhesive to dry a few minutes longer than it suggested, which seemed to work better for me. The holo was definitely more forgiving than the lace effect, but for my first crack at it it seemed to go well.

The polishes

Rio Beauty 'Ultimate Nail Art Collection' on pollypolish.com

Rio Beauty ‘Ultimate Nail Art Collection’

I was really surprised to see a shimmer in the range, but more amazing was the silver foil. The bottles themselves don’t look particularly high-end, so I was imagining a foil that pulled on the first coat and needed at least two to come close to full opacity. I was wrong. One coat wonder!

The kitchen sink

Rio Beauty 'Ultimate Nail Art Collection' on pollypolish.com

Rio Beauty ‘Ultimate Nail Art Collection’

Next, I went a little nail-art crazy and used everything I could for a monochrome look. The dotting tools are perfect, six different sizes, I don’t think I’ll ever have the need to buy any more. I was also pleased to see black flowers, I’m not much of a flowery girl so they’re a bit different.

Overall impression

I’ve never professed to be a nail art expert, but I know enough tricks nowadays that I also wouldn’t consider myself a beginner. This kit seems to have everything though. It’s ideal for complete novices because it introduces lots of different techniques, along with easy to follow instructions and diagrams – there’s also a DVD! I am even more impressed given the price – it’s an affordable way to try your hand at a variety of nail art techniques, with tools that will last while your collection of polish undoubtedly expands. I can see the contents of this kit coming in handy for plenty of future manicures – the dotting tools and brushes alone have become a staple of my nail art kit.

What do you think, would you give a kit like this a go?

Important Bits:

Cost £29.99
Availability Online at www.riobeauty.co.uk.

This product was sent for review by the manufacturer or their PR company.

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  • Mum

    Amazing value. Love the black flowers!

  • http://Nailistayco.blogspot.com Marii @Nailistayco

    Wow these would be great for someone who’s beginning her nail art obsession! Cause us ladies already have all that :(

  • http://nailphotosbylani.blogspot.com Nailphotos by Lani

    Wow! I wish I had bought something like this a year ago, when I was searching for nail art kits! It has nearly everything, but now I’ve bought most of this… By the way, are we having a PolishDays holiday?

  • http://www.lozlosa.com Lisa @Lozlosa

    Alas, like Marii, I already have these tools, plus a gazillion more.

    This is a super idea for the newly-diagnosed nail enthusiast!

  • http://www.twitter.com/kelliemurray65 Kellie

    I honestly think that is a really high price for what you get. You can get almost everything in the package on Ebay for a lot less money. Some of the things you don’t need at all like the finger guide and the nail hoof. You can get rhinestones and glitters for 99 cents each. I got a package of 10 striping tape for around a dollar if I remember correctly. I was astonished when I transfered the cost to US dollars and it was nearly $50 and I’m sure the shipping is not included in that. I mean wow…that is a rip off.

    • Polly

      Hey Kellie
      Actually it’s more like $46. Granted, you can look around on eBay for these items individually and if you’re lucky enough to find free shipping, all the better, though I estimated around £17 to get it all (very rough estimate). If we were to talk about getting these items locally, things in the UK are certainly not as cheap as in the US, not by a long stretch. In fact looking at a local site I reached £56.75 without getting all of the items in this box, and without considering shipping either. There’s also the convenience factor of getting it all in one box and for novices (let’s be right, this isn’t aimed at people who are already into nail art and the many techniques out there) not to have to research each item and work out which seller to buy it all from. Personally I don’t feel it’s a rip off, especially as I was more than happy with the quality of the items, but value is ultimately a subjective factor and if you are happy to find these items elsewhere for less that’s great – different strokes for different folks :)