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Pretty Serious ‘Type 40′…and some overdue updates

It’s been months since I last blogged, I know. Last year was a pretty big one, with a wedding, a (seemingly never ending) house extension and some pretty major business changes so it’s probably not surprising that blogging has taken a bit of a back seat.

These aren’t excuses; I’ve written before about how blogging is no longer something that I allow myself to feel guilty about if I let it slide. They are just reasons. I had a wonderful wedding (I’m considering sharing some parts of the day in a blog post but I’m not sure the interest is there from readers?), a fun honeymoon, our house is on the way to looking like a proper house again, and although not everything went swimmingly with the business I have learnt a lot over the past year. Oh and I turned 30 too. 2015 was a truly enormous year for me, and it left me time poor. Another reason is that I simply haven’t felt the desire to blog if I’m honest. Perhaps I’ll post a little more on that and how nail polish now fits into my life, but for now let me leave it by saying that I feel like there’s a bit more desire to share my polish related interests again. It will be sporadic as always. You’ll have to take me as you find me, though if you were looking for consistent posting in your blogging reads you’re probably long gone already!

In the interest of making blogging easier and less of a time consuming activity, you might be seeing more of the following from me:

  • 3 word reviews – I have an incredible amount of polish that is untried and this type of post aims to help me share more polishes without the lengthy editing and writing process. Three words, one picture, bam, done!
  • Sell, Keep or Chuck Series – sort of like ‘snog, marry, avoid’ but for polish which means readers will get a chance to buy polishes that are just not my cup of tea. I will never sell anything that I feel is worthy of the bin.
  • All reviews of samples will include a new ‘Would I buy it with my own money’ rating
  • Some in depth reviews – sometimes you’ll still see me show polishes and full collections with detailed comments on application, formula and so on.
  • Vintage polish reviews – I have some wonderful friends who keep my love for polish alive with an interest in the vintage stuff so I’m going to try to share more of those HTF bottles
  • Maybe something a little bit different – who knows, maybe I’ll venture outside of polish as a topic.
  • Some polishes may only make it to my Instagram account, which isn’t a reflection of the quality of a polish, it just depends how much time I have at any given moment. Head over to pollypolish for lots of swatches, with some food, typography, and other random bits.

You might also notice that the website has had a face-lift. I know I work in the digital industry for a living, but perfectly updating your own site is always the hardest and most time consuming project so if it’s not displaying perfectly for you, please let me know, and be kind. This new look reflects my aim to make this blog easier to manage, and a more organised part of my life. The capsule wardrobe phenomenon has had a rather large impact on many aspects of my life, which could provide the basis of an entire series of blog posts, but that’s for another time.

So let’s crack on with a lovely new(ish) release. ‘Type 40′ is a Doctor Who inspired mid-blue creme shade from Pretty Serious Cosmetics. This is one coat folks. One GLORIOUS coat with no top coat. It’s smooth and heavenly and absolutely amazing. It’s back-up worthy. And Kaz gets bonus points for finally releasing a bunch of polishes over the Christmas season that I finally understand the inspiration for!

Pretty Serious 'Type 40' nail polish on pollypolish.com

Pretty Serious ‘Type 40′

I highly recommend that you get your hands on this beauty as it falls into the limited edition part of the Pretty Serious range. Quick, run, and I’ll (hopefully) see you here soon!

Polish provided for review

Important Bits:

Availability: www.pretty-serious.com
Would I buy this with my own money? Shit yes
Coats 1
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  • http://www.emilydenisephotography.com/blog/ Very Emily

    One coat! How friggin awesome! I desperately need to try some Pretty Serious cremes. I’ve heard such wonderful things. Seems like everyone and their mom is posting about them except for me lol I am missing out haha! Anyway, I would be happy to read anything you post, polish related or not so keep em coming :)