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Press Release: Pretty Serious Cosmetics Undies

Pretty Serious is back with a brand new collection of six vibrant cremes! Introducing Brand New Undies!

COMFY Y-FRONTS – Classic, comfortable and dependable, this royal blue creme might be restrictive at first, but then it becomes a part of you.
DARING DELICATES – Sexy and alluring, this plum creme is perfect for the daring diva in everyone.
GRANNY PANTIES – Like a hug from Grandma, this baby blue creme will comfort you on even the worst days of the month.
KNICKERS IN A KNOT – Getting your Knickers in a Knot is no longer a bad thing, with this vibrant purple creme!
LACY UNDERTHINGS – Add a bit of sass to that sashay with some neon magenta Lacy Underthings!
UNDER DUNDERS – Perfect for every day wear, our Teal green Under Dunders are sure to become a fashion staple!

Pre-orders start at 9am on Monday the 22nd September, and close on Sunday the 28th at 9pm. On-sale date for these products October 13. Pre-orders will ship as soon as stock arrives at the warehouse, you will not have to wait for on-sale date. Please note that any in stock items added to your pre-order will ship together with your pre-ordered items as one shipment.

Price is $9.95 for 11ml/0.37fl.oz or a limited pre-order discount of $53.75 for a full set of six, or try one of their international suppliers.

I’m definitely most excited for Knickers in a Knot, and I’m super excited that the whole collection is on a colour theme. Any of these take your fancy?

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