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Polish Days ‘Vintage’

Polish Days 'Vintage' Swatch

Polish Days Vintage

Yet again, the other half came up with the theme this month – I suspect he may know me better than I know myself. I’m one of those sorts that is instantly drawn to the broken, old and wonky things. We went to pick up a cupboard the other day that I’d bought on eBay and on top of driving three hours to pick it, we found that one of the legs fell off. I seem incapable of buying furniture that isn’t a bit off. So, how could you interpret the ‘vintage’ theme for polish. Maybe you’re one of those annoyingly lucky people who own some heavenly vintage polishes that you want to crack open (not literally) and make the rest of us jealous, or maybe you too have a soft spot for doilies. Perhaps you’re inspired by a particular decade or trend. As long as it’s got a connection to something old, it’ll fit into the theme.

Polish Days 'Vintage' Swatch

Polish Days Vintage

Polish Days 'Vintage' Swatch

Polish Days Vintage

Polish Days 'Vintage' Swatch

Polish Days Vintage

Polish Days 'Vintage' Swatch

Polish Days Vintage

The lovely Red Ambition (Issy) knew I wanted to try some water decals (my first ever!), and very kindly sent me some decals by Hello Darling. They are super easy to apply and they offer lots of cool designs. I put the decals over a base of piCture pOlish ‘Pink Shimmer’ followed by Ninja Polish ‘He Want to Jarred’ for a super girly finish.

It didn’t turn out quite like what was in my head, and seems far more bridal than I expected, but I quite like it nonetheless. I think I would have loved the finished look more if I’d used a second coat of pink for less visible nail line.

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Important Bits:

Sheer pink base Picture Polish – discontinued sadly, but Hello Darling Fairy Floss is a pretty dead on dupe.
White gold polish Online at www.ninjapolish.com
Decals Online at www.hellodarling.com.au

The other lovelies!

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  • http://memyselfpolish.blogspot.com Lariesa

    Wow that looks so elegant. I really love those decals!

  • http://www.mynailpolishonline.com/ MyNailPolishOnline

    Great use of the decals! I love how you’ve placed them on the side of the nails!

  • http://Karinea0a.blogspot.com Karine’s Vernis Club

    This is purely ethereal. I love how delicate it is

  • http://northernnailsuk.blogspot.co.uk Joanne Proctor

    I am loving these nails, the decals look like real lace and I love that you can see your nail through the pink polish too , lovely job :D

  • http://www.susyincolor.com Susy

    This is lovely!!

  • redambition

    They look fabulous! I love how you’ve used the decals, it’s giving me ideas for new nails :o)

  • http://nailofthisweek.blogspot.com/ Chiro

    I have no idea why but this reminded me of old, nice, vintage wedding dress. This mani is so lovely!!

  • http://www.lovevarnish.com Deborah

    The decals are so pretty!

  • http://www.alacqueredaffair.com A Lacquered Affair

    Bridal or not, you nailed the vintage feel! Love the decal placement :)

    And your other half… a total keeper!

  • http://www.nailglaze.com NailGlaze

    I love your vintage french manicure and that Ninja Polish you have chosen is just amazing!

  • http://www.trulymadlybeauty.blogspot.co.uk/?m=1 Aysh

    Such a beautiful manicure! So pretty & delicate :)

  • http://mypolishstash.blogspot.com Sabine

    I love the decals, looks like real lace!

  • http://nailphotosbylani.blogspot.com Nailphotos by Lani

    I know it’s been written before, but: Very elegant mani! :-)