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Polish Days: Today’s number is the number 5!

Polish Days 'The Number 5' Swatch

Polish Days – Today is brought to you by the number FIVE!

Did you watch Sesame Street as a kid? If so, and even if not, you’ll probably understand the reference. It’s the fifth month, so today is all about the number 5. Whatever has even the most tenuous connection to the number, can be seen in this months Polish days manicures.

I went with ’5 a day’ – the daily recommended dose of fruit and veg here (I swear it’s ’2 and 5′ back in Australia). These are my favourite fruit and veg. I’ve loved sweetcorn since I was old enough for solids, and lost a few baby teeth to corn on the cob. Apples are boring I know, but they’re easy, and I’m lazy. Avocados are probably one of the few food items that I miss from living in Australia. I was convinced they were awful until about 6 or 7 years ago until I saw the light, and though they’re common here they’re never as flavoursome as Australian avos. Strawberries, strawberries, strawberries. I have been known to eat so many that I’ve come out in a rash, but even that didn’t deter me. Thank goodness I don’t live near a strawberry farm. As for broccoli, it’s probably on a par with cabbage and brussels for me, but it’s a crap load easier to translate into nail art!

Polish Days 'The Number 5' Swatch

Polish Days – Today is brought to you by the number FIVE!

Polish Days 'The Number 5' Swatch

Polish Days – Today is brought to you by the number FIVE!

Polish Days 'The Number 5' Swatch

Polish Days – Today is brought to you by the number FIVE!

I’m getting hungry now!

I should apologise for my rubbish photos. I used the manual setting on my camera for white balance and well, it’s not turned out well. Everyone seems to bang on about manual settings but I should have listened when the Mr said he bought this camera because it’s supposed to have the best point and click results for close up imagery! Now if only I could remember how to put it back to auto…

Polishes Used:

Sweetcorn nails inc ‘Notting Hill Carnival’, nails inc ‘Sumner Place’, Barielle ‘Lemondrops’ and Pixi 03.
Apple nails inc ‘Charing Cross’, nails inc ‘Knightsbridge Green’, nails inc ‘Keats Grove’ and Pixi 03
Avocado OPI ‘Skull & Glossbones’, Barry M Gelly ‘Key lime’*, nails inc ‘Sumner Place’, ‘Madison Avenue’, ‘Oakley Street’ and ‘Notting Hill Carnival’
Strawberry Clinique ‘Party Red’*, nails inc ‘Notting Hill Carnival’ and ‘Knightsbridge Green’
Broccoli Barry M Gelly ‘Key lime’*, Kiko 391, nails inc ‘Madison Avenue’ and ‘Knightsbridge Green’

*This product was sent for review.

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  • http://mypolishstash.blogspot.com Sabine

    I swear, a five a day design was my very first idea for this theme. Gladly I gave up on that ;) It could have never competed with your great veggies and fruit, love them!

  • http://valiantlyvarnished.blogspot.com Valiantly Varnished

    Very clever!

  • http://aliquidblog.blogspot.com Alison

    So cute! Wish I was this handy with nail art!

  • http://www.plustenkapow.co.uk Chrissie

    These are so gorgeous, they almost make me feel guilty I don’t get my 5 a day. :)x

  • http://www.mynailpolishonline.com/ MyNailPolishOnline

    Great idea! The fruits are so nicely done!

  • http://www.inkywhiskersmusings.blogspot.com Inky Whiskers

    Me likey!

  • http://www.patsypoo.blogspot.co.uk Pats

    I just can’t get my head around all these details! It’s amazing. On the white balance, I swear by manual setting on my point and shoot (when you take a picture of a white piece of card). It’s usually very, very accurate.

  • http://polish-obsession.com Marisa

    Love how this turned out!! Nice take on 5 ;0).

  • http://iroshishobby.blogspot.com Ro

    I *love* your broccoli! It’s so well done! All your fruits and veggies are adorable, but the broccoli (or the ‘little tree’ as my kids call it) looks fab. :)

  • http://Www.lacqueristhebestmedicine.com Ariel

    I love love love this!!

  • http://Nai1chronic1es.com Jen (Nai1Chronic1es)

    Very creative! Love them

  • http://nailalicious.blogspot.com Maya Sherwood

    So awesome! Very original. Nice job!

  • http://www.gnarlygnails.com Gnarly Gnails

    awesome! i love your corn nail! so genius!

  • http://bonjourfairynails.blogspot.com Bonjour Fairynails!

    One of my favourite manicures ever! It is so cute! The mais is incredible. :)

  • http://thegirlwiththegreennails.blogspot.com Saira

    Love your take on the 5! My first thought was of 5 a day too, I guess Government advertising works :p

  • http://www.thesubtleshimmer.com/ Susan

    This is adorable! I love apples for the convenience too. Hehe

  • http://thebookishmanicurist.blogspot.com The Bookish Manicuri

    I LOVE avos! I could eat one a day :) And I really like brocc, just lightly steamed :)

  • http://abycandy.blogspot.com Aby

    OMG! they look awesome! I really like the broccoli one, the colors are lovely!The strawberry and apple one i like also.

  • http://www.alacqueredaffair.com A Lacquered Affair

    Those are cute and delish! Never knew the ratio for a balance diet, that was certainly informative as it is uplifting to see. I’m really loving the vibrancy of the apple and strawberry!

  • http://www.vickylovesnails.blogspot.co.uk Vicky

    These are so cute! I especially love the broccoli, it looks awesome :)

  • http://piolasnaillounge.blogspot.it/2013/05/polish Piola

    That’s gorgeous!! I cannot choose which is my favourite, because I love all the 5!!

  • http://www.nailofthisweek.com/ Chiro

    Your Avo looks SO GOOD!!!!!
    I can chew up your nails omnomnomnom :P

  • http://trulymadlybeauty.blogspot.co.uk/ Aysh

    Haha! These are awesome, love them all…& deffo making me hungry too!

    Aysh xox

  • http://lacquerbuzz.com Mihaela(lacquerbuzz)

    Great interpretation for the theme! Strawberries are my favorite fruit and broccoli is one of my favorite vegetables. So I love your mani. And you must be kidding about those photos. They are great!