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Polish Days: Polish Olympics Time!

Polish Days 'Polish Olympics' Swatch

Polish Olympics – My national pride is somewhat divided!

Wow, a third Polish Days, and it’s getting bigger and better each time. Given that I’m in London and we’re enjoying the 2012 Olympics here, a Polish Olympics seemed fitting!

I consider myself to be of dual nationality. To explain my background, I was born in the UK, spent two years as a baby in Wisconsin in the US (I was too young to remember so don’t feel any ties) then 14 years in the UK followed by ten years in Australia and now I’m back in my country of birth. But I have more than that in my blood. I’m almost half German, and I have a hint of French and Polish in the mix too. So that’s five nationalities and five nails – perfect!

This took a mammoth amount of tape, and even more patience so I hope the results are worth it! Check out all of the other lovelies posts after the images – if so many lovely bloggers didn’t take part Polish Days would not be this amazing. Also, stay tuned for the announcements of the gold, silver and bronze medal winners in a few days time!

Polish Days 'Polish Olympics' Swatch

Polish Olympics – National Pride

Thumb: Union Jack
Index: French
Middle: German
Ring: Australian
Little: Polish

Granted this is a slightly more abstract version of the flags, I wanted the designs to work with each other a little better, and I do love me a diagonal tape mani!

Polish Days 'Polish Olympics' Swatch

Polish Olympics – National Pride

The other lovelies!

If some of the links don’t work, fret not, they’ll be updated within a day or two.

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  • http://marijonails.blogspot.com Marisa

    This mani looks awesome!!!I

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  • Rainy

    I was going to email you through a link on the Polish Days Page but my computer said that it didnt work, but anyway, can we join Polish Days even if we dont have a Twitter? If so, how?

    • Polly

      you join the normal way, through my site. all important information is emailed to everyone who signs up x

  • Tinka

    Love the use of tape! And I don’t know if that’s how you wanted it but the German flag is black-red-gold.. You did Belgium!

    • Polly

      shhhhhh! ;)

  • http://alacqueredaffair.com A Lacquered Affair

    Sharp and sleek! Perfection, Hannah!

    • Polly

      thank you love x

  • http://valiantlyvarnished.blogspot.com Valiantly Varnished

    Polly- I would love to join your monthly Polish Days. Do we simply use the HTML tags you have at the bottom of the page or is there another process? Thanks!

    • Polly

      You can find all the info here: http://www.pollypolish.com/polish-days/ and a link to the subscribe form. You only need to subscribe once, and you’ll go on the email list. Then you come back for each new Polish Days event to submit your new link. xx

  • http://valiantlyvarnished.blogspot.com Valiantly Varnished

    Just found the link to join! So excited!

  • http://iloveprettycolours.blogspot.com Ducky

    This is such a great idea! I subscribed right away and I can barely wait for the next challenge/event! :)

    • Polly

      guess I’d better think up a theme then!

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  • http://www.nailsandnoms.com Rie

    These are amazing!! ^_^

  • http://beautybyjenny.wordpress.com Jenny

    Such fine work Hannah, awesome!

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  • http://mypolishstash.blogspot.com Sabine

    Great take on the theme! I love how this came out… except for the “German” flag ;)

    • Polly

      oh shush! Who even cares about Belgium anyway ;)

  • http://polishedart.blogspot.co.uk Sam

    These are great :) I love the inspiration, and your lines are so clean! I’m still a total novice at taping, I always make such a mess!

    • Polly

      my two tips: take as long as you possibly can between coats, and use fast try topcoats in between to cheat ;)

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  • http://thegirlwiththegreennails.blogspot.com Saira

    Great mani Hannah!!

  • http://nailofthisweek.blogspot.com/ Chiro

    You are really a tape master!!
    I don’t think I can do as well as you, really would like to see how you are doing…
    And really cool design, love it <3

  • http://prettypaintednails.com Heidi

    Very nice! The lines are so neat and tidy. Thanks for organizing another Polish Days!

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  • http://nailtart.com/ NailTart

    Your nails look perfect! So impressed! :)

  • http://www.mynailpolishonline.com/ MyNailPolishOnline

    So pretty! I love the design!

  • http://www.lovevarnish.com Deborah

    This is stunning, I really like it!

  • http://karinea0a.blogspot.com Karine

    love your take on this! national pride first :)

  • http://prisnails.blogspot.ca/ Pri Piluinha

    Amazing mani!!
    Great to get to know more about you through your flags! ;-)

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