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Polish Days ’7 Deadly Sins’

Polish Days '7 Deadly Sins' Swatch

Polish Days Seven Deadly Sins – Envy

It’s that time again – Polish Days time! This month the theme is ’7 Deadly Sins’. Lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy or pride, take your pick!

unless you’re a saint, chances are you’ve experienced at least one of those. For me it’s all about the green eyed monster of envy. I had envisioned something a little more realistic, but I’m a designer, not an artist and this is my very first go at using nail art brushes so please be kind!

Polish Days '7 Deadly Sins' Swatch

Polish Days Seven Deadly Sins – Envy

Polish Days '7 Deadly Sins' Swatch

Polish Days Seven Deadly Sins – Envy

Polish Days '7 Deadly Sins' Swatch

Polish Days Seven Deadly Sins – Envy

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  • http://www.chalkboardnails.com Sarah (Chalkboard Na

    Wow these are so beautiful! Amazing work!

    • Polly

      I’m honoured by this comment <3

  • http://www.missmanimonster.com Miss Mani Monster

    I love this! It looks like a solar eclipse but evil or something!

  • http://www.lovevarnish.com Deborah

    I absolutely LOVE IT! So unique and pretty and WOW!

    • Polly


  • http://valiantlyvarnished.blogspot.com Valiantly Varnished

    These are really cool!

    • Polly

      thanks love :)

  • http://www.onceuponapolish.com Jessica

    I absolutely adore this look! These greens look amazing together over such a dark base, they just pop. They look like feathers to me at first glance but I totally see “eyes.”

    • Polly

      feathers/eyes…I’ll take the compliment either way xx

  • http://www.squeakynails.com Squeaky

    I love this!

    • Polly


  • Alison B


    • Polly

      thanks love x

  • http://cajkinekandze.blogspot.com/ Vedrana

    I love it. Kinda reminds me the eye of Sauron, but the element of envy is clearly visible.

    • Polly

      had to google that – not ashamed to say I don’t get the LOTR thing but thank you nonetheless ;)

  • http://roxy-ch.blogspot.ro Beautylicious

    This is absolutely gorgeous!! You are very talented!

    • Polly

      aw thanks x

  • Allie

    FANGIRLING THESE NAILS. You just used a brush!? It looks way more complex!

    • Polly

      YOU cannot fangirl at ME. That is the wrong way round.

  • http://www.thefemininecrusade.com Shang J.

    Green eyes envy reminds me of Othello! This really is a beautiful interpretation. :)

  • http://www.patsypoo.blogspot.co.uk Pats

    These are sooo cool! Made me think of a green eye of Sauron. Well done!

  • Susy

    This looks great!! Love the colors, and I knew it was envy before I started reading! :)

  • http://www.gnarlygnails.com gnarly gnails

    wow!!!! yours blew me out of the water – this is epic!

  • http://wackylaki.blogspot.com WackyLaki

    Beautiful! I love how these turned out :)

  • http://www.mynailpolishonline.com/ MyNailPolishOnline

    Wow, amazing!

  • http://nailofthisweek.blogspot.com/ Chiro

    I really love your design; so cool and beautiful,
    now I’m kinda ENVIOUS for your talent :P

  • http://lacquerorleaveher.blogspot.com Michelle

    I. Love. This. Creepy eyes!! You captured them so well. Awesome!!

  • http://gravatar.com/fabfingertips Esther FabFingertips

    I love these Hannah! Great idea :-)

  • http://www.lisas-nailss.blogspot.co.uk Lisa’s Nails

    wow this is stunning, so beautiful.

  • http://www.trulymadlybeauty.blogspot.co.uk/?m=1 Aysh

    These are incredible!! Love the detailing & that green colour…*drooools* ;)

    Aysh xox

  • http://polishalcoholic.com/ Polish Alcoholic

    Amazing! This is stunning!

  • http://www.alacqueredaffair.com A Lacquered Affair

    Hey fellow green-eyed mani! The idea of playing around with the shape of your cuticle as part of the eye is clever! And awesome use of the nail art brush to create the effect :D

  • http://beautifulglaze.blogspot.com lilacsrip

    Love this! Green eyed monster indeed. Great interpretation!

  • http://iroshishobby.blogspot.com Ro

    If you hadn’t mentioned it was your first time using nail art brushes, we would have never known! You did a fabulous job. It’s just *gorgeous*.

  • http://www.vickylovesnails.blogspot.co.uk Vicky Standage

    These are awesome, you have captured envy perfectly and I cannot believe that is the first time you have used a brush!

  • http://lacquerbuzz.com Mihaela (lacquerbuzz

    I absolutely love this! Sometimes designers are the best at nail art. I can never see in my head what you people see. I’m so jealous!

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