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You might have noticed a lot of nail bloggers wearing purple today, making a stand about bullying in the nail polish community. I’m fortunate not have been the subject of bullying in the world of nail polish, yet. I have, however, experienced persistent and life-altering bullying in my life.

Emily de Molly 'It's Complicated' Nail Polish Swatch pollypolish.com

Emily de Molly ‘It’s Complicated’

A lot of people say that a bully is a bully because they’re cowards, or insecure. It’s probably often the case, but personally I have never understood the need to drag others down with me. If I feel like crap, or insecure or cowardly I’d much rather do what I can to make those around me feel better, because if you don’t have happy people around you you’re not likely to feel any better yourself. But maybe I just don’t think normally.

I could harp on, but you know what, no matter the motivation behind bullying it doesn’t change the fact that it’s shit and it hurts. Don’t do it, think a little before you speak/tweet and try a little kindness instead.

If you want the badge or more info, please see here.

Emily de Molly 'It's Complicated' Nail Polish Swatch pollypolish.com

Emily de Molly ‘It’s Complicated’

This was three coats (you’ll likely need this many for opacity), the formula is great too. This is one of a few Emily de Molly’s I got a few months ago and it is only due to a huge polish back-log that it’s taken this long to post the first one. Now, I do generally dislike milky polishes, but I think this might be the turning point polish! Definitely getting me some more EdM’s.

Oh and I have so much faith that we can shun bullying trolls from the nail polish community that these images are merely cropped – no colour balance, no lighting tweaks, none of that. I know we can all see the good in everyone’s work and hey, if you’ve got nothing good to say, shut the f**k up.

The important bits:

Coats: 4
Cost: So sorry, I’m absolutely stuffed if I can remember how much!
Volume: 13ml
Availability: Etsy

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  • http://nailsandstuff-shannara.blogspot.nl/ shannara

    wow looks stunning, thxxx for the support!

  • Mum

    Well written as always Han xx

  • http://Louisperfectlypolished.blogspot.co.uk Louise

    Really good post for a great cause. I love the polish you chose. I’m intrigued by those milky bases :)

  • http://originalwacky.blogspot.com/ Michy

    I missed this one since I wasn’t much online, but I most certainly would have worn purple, as I have been bullied online. I really would love to see bullying eradicated, because it hurts more than I could have thought.