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Nail Treats and Nom Treats

I love strawberries and can’t wait for them to be in season here again. When they are, I can easily eat a punnet a day, which seemed to cure a one-time allergy I had to them as a kid. I also love baking and, more to the point, polishing off the results of a baking session. So what better than a treat on my nails and some treats in my belly? A while back a strawberry manicure was doing the rounds on Pinterest. It might not be unique, but it made me want to try it. So this weekend I’m heading off to Bath with summery nails (whether or not the weather decides to agree) and homemade confectionary treats for my cousins (plus a bottle of gin for the grown ups). Oh and to top it off, I got this stunning dress to wear while sightseeing. Even better, I had a 25% of voucher from my beautiful best friend, and the Mr kindly bought it for me. Smiles all round I say!

Strawberry Nail Art Swatch

Treats for my nails, strawberry yumminess. They are finally getting longer, bit by bit, after some accidents a couple of weeks ago.

Chocolate treats

Clockwise from top left: Almond Ganache Chocolates, Coconut Ice, Peppermint Patties, Vanilla & Coconut Marshmallows.

The manicure is pretty easy, 2 coats of red over a base coat, cut some tape with pinking shears and mask off all but the tip of the nail. Then paint the tip green, remove the tape and when dry dot some black seeds over the red area. Then off course finish it all off with a top coat. The noms, well they would take a bit more than two paragraphs to give a sufficient how-to.

If you are even vaguely into baking, and you haven’t already made your own marshmallows then I suggest you do it. Do it! They are in an entirely different league to the ones you buy in a packet.

Strawberry Nail Art Swatch
Strawberry Nail Art Swatch
Strawberry Nail Art Swatch
Strawberry Nail Art Swatch
Strawberry Nail Art Swatch

The important bits:

Green: Rimmel ‘Cactus Green’ 1 coat
Red: Barry M ‘Bright Red’ 2 coats
Black: Kink by Coles ‘Ink’

Oh, and the dress:

Dorothy Perkins Damask Dress

Dress from Dorothy Perkins

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