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Floam Day has Arrived!

Floam by Nailventurous Swatch

Nailventurous ‘Floam’ over two coats of Barry M ‘Indigo’

#FloamDay is the first of the ‘Polish Days’ – a day where nail bloggers simultaneously blog about a particular theme – you can find out more about Polish Days, and how to take part in what I hope will be many more events to come, by clicking here.

Floam, by nailventurous, is a wonderful matte neon blue and green glitter in a clear base, and frankly, it’s just friggin’ awesome.

The aim with #FloamDay is to showcase such an amazing polish (as well as to just have some fun between nail bloggers of course). I use it over a darker base to make both colours stand out, and as I’ve been dabbling in tape mani’s for a while now, I thought it was about time I started showing some of them!

Floam by Nailventurous Swatch

Nailventurous ‘Floam’ over two coats of Barry M ‘Indigo’

Floam by Nailventurous Swatch

Nailventurous ‘Floam’ over two coats of Barry M ‘Indigo’

Floam by Nailventurous Swatch

Nailventurous ‘Floam’ over two coats of Barry M ‘Indigo’

Floam isn’t readily available, but you can sign up here to be notified via email when it is back in stock at Ninja Polish which I highly recommend you do!

The other Floamers!

If some of the links don’t work, fret not, they’ll be updated within a day or two of the start of #FloamDay.

The important bits:

Price: $9.00 USD each
Volume: 15ml
Where to buy: Sign up to be notified when Floam is back in stock at Ninja Polish here.
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  • http://beautybyjenny.wordpress.com Jenny

    Absolutely loved this mani!

    • Polly

      Cheers love! Thank you for taking part too x

  • http://pishposhandpolish.blogspot.co.uk/ kerrie

    wow this looks great! I love the idea of polish days is there any way of getting involved?

  • http://www.clawnailsandbeauty.blogspot.co.uk/?m=1 Rachel

    What you’ve done with Floam is just awesome! Looking at the other pics makes me realise that Floam is one hardworking and versatile polish!

    • Polly

      Thanks Rachel! And thank you for taking part love :)

  • http://www.refinedandpolished.com KayJay at Refined &

    This looks amazing! I’ve never seen Floam over such a dark blue base. Love the idea of “polish days.” This makes me want to pull Floam out of my untrieds.

    • Polly

      Thanks! I strongly recommend you try it, it would be a crime to leave Floam untried!

  • http://www.coloresdecarol.com Carolina

    I love what you did!
    Thank you very much for taking your time to prepare all this.

    • Polly

      Thanks Carolina, so glad you could take part. It’s been fun to organise it, I hope we can do another one and include more people x

  • http://notwithoutmypolish.blogspot.com sabrina

    Love it! It turned out absolutely perfect.

    • Polly

      Thanks lovely lady, your post was epic, in fact I’m heading over to comment now…

  • http://sincerelystephaniee.blogspot.com Stephanie

    This looks fabulous!! I love it!
    Thank you so much for taking the time to put this whole event together for everyone! I hope there are many more days to come :)

    • Polly

      Thanks lady! I hope so too :)

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  • http://charlottes-nails.blogspot.com Charlotte-Louise

    Wow! I love this, it’s so creative :)

    • Polly

      thanks love! and thank you for taking part, so glad it turned out well :)

  • http://mypolishstash.blogspot.com Sabine

    I love your tape mani and Floam looks great over this indigo color! I bet your gradient would have looked just as nice ;)

    • Polly

      I wish Sabine! It was alright, but yours was far lovelier. x

  • http://alacqueredaffair.onsugar.com A Lacquered Affair

    It’s a gorgeous mani showing Floam can be chic too! And it’s so strinking against Indigo.
    Thank you for organising this, and getting so many people around the globe psyched for Floam and Floam Day! :D

    • Polly

      Thanks love, and you’re welcome. I hope it’s the first of many – we’ll see! Thanks for taking part! x

  • http://www.lovevarnish.com Deborah

    I really really love it combined like this!

  • Robyn

    This looks so good! Great way to use such a cool polish.