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Polish Days: To Boldy Go

Polish Days 'To Boldly Go' Nail Art

Polish Days – To Boldly Go

Whether it’s sci-fi or sci-real (yep, I’m going with that terrible wording) it fits the theme for June. Maybe you’re a Trekkie, or perhaps a Star Wars fan, or maybe just a lover of all thing sci-fi. Maybe you love space and dreamed of being an astronaut. Perhaps like me you just haven’t gotten around to doing a galaxy manicure and this would be a good excuse to give it a whirl.

I wouldn’t call myself a Trekkie, but anything sci-fi provides the best escapism for me. The further the subject matter is from reality the easier I find it to switch off, to get my brain away from work.

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Polish Days: Today’s number is the number 5!

Polish Days 'The Number 5' Swatch

Polish Days – Today is brought to you by the number FIVE!

Did you watch Sesame Street as a kid? If so, and even if not, you’ll probably understand the reference. It’s the fifth month, so today is all about the number 5. Whatever has even the most tenuous connection to the number, can be seen in this months Polish days manicures.

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Polish Days ’7 Deadly Sins’

Polish Days '7 Deadly Sins' Swatch

Polish Days Seven Deadly Sins – Envy

It’s that time again – Polish Days time! This month the theme is ’7 Deadly Sins’. Lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy or pride, take your pick!

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Polish Days ‘Vintage’

Polish Days 'Vintage' Swatch

Polish Days Vintage

Yet again, the other half came up with the theme this month – I suspect he may know me better than I know myself. I’m one of those sorts that is instantly drawn to the broken, old and wonky things. We went to pick up a cupboard the other day that I’d bought on eBay and on top of driving three hours to pick it, we found that one of the legs fell off. I seem incapable of buying furniture that isn’t a bit off. So, how could you interpret the ‘vintage’ theme for polish. Maybe you’re one of those annoyingly lucky people who own some heavenly vintage polishes that you want to crack open (not literally) and make the rest of us jealous, or maybe you too have a soft spot for doilies. Perhaps you’re inspired by a particular decade or trend. As long as it’s got a connection to something old, it’ll fit into the theme.

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Polish days ‘Back To Nature’

Polish Days 'Back To Nature' Swatch

Polish Days Back To Nature

The snow has melted and though I miss jumping into crunching untouched lawns it is nice to see the daffodils coming out. I may also have expressed my love for ladybirds, so this seemed like a great opportunity to try fimo decals for the first time.

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Polish Days: Something New

Polish Days 'Something New' Swatch

Polish Days Something New – My First ‘Saran Wrap’

It’s time to bring in the new year with a brand new mani. This month Polish Days is all about trying something new, and believe it or not this is my first ever ‘Saran Wrap’. Am I right in assuming ‘saran’ is what we in Blighty call ‘cling film’? Whatever you call it, it has to be one of the easier effects to attempt, though I suspect mastering it might take some work.

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Polish Days: Blingtastic!

Polish Days 'Bling' Swatch

Polish Days Bling – Rhinestones over Butter London ‘The Black Knight’

December is all about the holidays. Whether you celebrate Christmas or Hannukah, or just like making the most of the festive season and some time off work it’s generally a happy time of the year for most people. Christmas manicures are a little too obvious, but the festive season did make me think about parties, ‘party’ doesn’t sound like a very good theme though does it?

I told the Mr I was struggling to come up with a theme that was festive but more exciting and inspiring than candy cane and glitter manicures. His response was to point out that I’m wearing a fancy new piece of jewellery so yet again Mr Polly Polish is responsible for this months theme, which is none other than ‘Bling’

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Polish Days: MAN-icure

Polish Days 'MAN-icure' Swatch

Polish Days MAN-icure

It’s Novembers Polish Days time! Or should I say ‘Movember’

Just in case you’re not aware, ‘Movember’ is all about the commandeering of the month of November for raising the awareness of men’s health issues, particularly prostate cancer. The theme for this months Polish Days is a little broader than the signature moustache. To give a bit more scope to the theme this MAN-icure month gives participants the chance to go with the iconic Movember moustache, or pay tribute to an important man in their life, or something a little more fun. However they wish to interpret the theme!

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