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The Garden of Colour ‘Jungle Run’

The Garden of Colour 'Jungle Run' nail polish on pollypolish.com

The Garden of Colour ‘Jungle Run’

Lately my collection of greens seems to be expanding at quite a rate, so far though I don’t have anything close to a dupe for this beauty though, ‘Jungle Run’ by The Garden Of Colour from vivalanails.co.uk. It’s a brand I’ve never heard of before, so I was quite keen to try it out.

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Straight up swatch: piCture pOlish ‘Cosmos’

piCture pOlish 'Cosmos' by Pshiiit nail polish on pollypolish.com

piCture pOlish ‘Cosmos’ by Pshiiit

A while back I posted my ‘Cosmos’ and ‘Kryptonite’ gradient, but I couldn’t resist showing you the pure beauty of ‘Cosmos’ all by its pretty little self!

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NOTD: A Picture Polish Gradient

piCture pOlish 'Cosmos and 'Kryptonite' nail polish on pollypolish.com

piCture pOlish ‘Cosmos and ‘Kryptonite’

Two of my favourite polishes of last year are from the lovelies over at piCture pOlish. In collaboration with Camille of Pshiiit and Kathy of More Nail Polish, ‘Cosmos’ and ‘Kryptonite’ (respectively) are, well, stunning basically. Together though they make my heart sing.

Warning: picture heavy post!

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Essence Twilight Collection – My Picks

Essence Twilight collection 'Jacob's Protection' 'Alice Had A Vision...Again' and Edward's Love' nail polish on pollypolish.com

Essence Twilight collection ‘Jacob’s Protection’ ‘Alice Had A Vision…Again’ and Edward’s Love’

Thankfully there are a few lovelies in Germany kind enough to swap with me when Essence releases limited edition polishes. Sabine of My Polish Stash was lovely enough to send me my three picks from the Twilight Breaking Dawn Part II collection a while back. I skipped the gold as I’m just not a gold sort of person.

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Straight Up Swatch: Bourjois 1 Seconde ‘Bleu Midnight’

Bourjois 'Blue Midnight' nail polish on pollypolish.com

Bourjois ‘Blue Midnight’

I’m in love! With what’s in the bottle. The bottle itself I hate, with it’s super long cap that won’t fit into my taller-than-a-helmer drawers. I like the idea of the ’1 second brush’ that’s meant to coat the entire nail in one swipe but let’s be realistic – this aint gonna happen. For starters there’s the fact that my little finger nail is in danger of being flooded by the brush. But oh my, I do love the polish in the bottle.

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OPI Skyfall Swatch & Review: ‘The Man With The Golden Gun’ & ‘Live and Let Die’

OPI Skyfall 'The Man With The Golden Gun' 18k Gold Flake and 'Live and Let Die' Swatch Nail Polish Polly Polish Blog

OPI Skyfall ‘The Man With The Golden Gun’ over ‘Live and Let Die’

Oh my giddy Aunt. I just spent £30 of my own money on one single polish. Call me mad, but I don’t regret it in the least.

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By Request: New from Revlon ‘Tantalize’

Revlon 'Tantalize'

Revlon ‘Tantalize – 3 Coats alone

This new Revlon Brilliant Strength polish is an absolute eye-catcher on the shelves in Boots, which is why I bought it immediately, and then had to try it in various combinations…

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Straight Up Swatch: Nails Inc ‘New Kings Road’

Nails Inc 'New Kings Road' Swatch Nail Polish

Nails Inc ‘New Kings Road’

I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to get these photos into a post ‘New Kings Road’ is yet another TK Maxx (TJ Maxx for you Americans) bargain, and right up on there on my favourite polishes list.

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