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Vintage Blogging Beauties: Streetwear (hit me baby one more time)

Streetwear ‘Britney’ over a gradient of ‘Forest’ and ‘Midnight’ – and queue the awkward right hand poses Hello lovesI’m trying to cut down a little on purchases. I can hear you chuckle now, especially as there’s a ‘but’ coming. And the but is this: vintage polishes will always break any no-buy, low-buy or ‘I really […]

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Revlon Parfumerie ‘Italian Leather’

Revlon Parfumerie ‘Italian Leather’ I’m ridiculously excited about the release of Revlon’s new Parfumerie range of polishes. So excited in fact that I completely forgot the whole ‘perfume’ aspect until I tried this bottle of ‘Italian Leather’! Honestly, I was so enamoured with the cute little bottle shape and some of the gorgeous colours that […]

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Revlon Parfumerie – Finally comes to the UK!

Contain yourself if you can! Revlon Parfumerie launches in the UK I’ve been drooling over these polishes for months, first gracing the nails of our American friends, and then my eyes became a true shade of envy-green when they launched in Australia. My mum is holding a bottle of Autumn Spice for my visit in […]

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Straight Up Swatch: Revlon ‘Whimsical’

Revlon ‘Whimsical’ I still can’t make up my mind on this one. I’ve never really warmed to milky/pastel bases with glitters in them, but I do like the glitters themselves. The dusky pink and blue metallics look really pretty together – enough that I stop noticing that they’re in a wishy washy base, for a […]

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By Request: New from Revlon ‘Tantalize’

Revlon ‘Tantalize – 3 Coats alone This new Revlon Brilliant Strength polish is an absolute eye-catcher on the shelves in Boots, which is why I bought it immediately, and then had to try it in various combinations…

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