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Barry M Sequins – Swatch & Review

Barry M Sequin 'Black' 'White' and 'Pink' nail polish on pollypolish.com

Barry M Sequin (imaginatively named) ‘Black’ ‘White’ and ‘Pink’

It seems I may have spoken too soon when I said that Barry M couldn’t put a foot wrong. From two Gelly collections (and one more coming soon), to awesome glitters, fun textures and more, they’ve been consistently releasing amazing and affordable polishes for a couple of years (in addition to their already substantial range of basic colours). I adore the brand, which is why after this post I am going to erase the Sequin range from my memory, sticking them in a dark recess of my mind labelled ‘tragic blip on an otherwise perfect record’.

More on the general collection after the individual colour images.

Barry M Sequin 'White' nail polish on pollypolish.com

Barry M Sequin ‘White’

Barry M Sequin 'White' nail polish on pollypolish.com

Barry M Sequin ‘White’

‘White’ is a fun collection of glitters, with quite an indie feel to it. This is one coat over a white creme.

Barry M Sequin 'Pink' nail polish on pollypolish.com

Barry M Sequin ‘Pink’

Barry M Sequin 'Pink' nail polish on pollypolish.com

Barry M Sequin ‘Pink’

A hint of the Deborah Lippmann ‘Candy Shop’ about it, ‘Pink’ is a sheer pink base with the same glitter mix as ‘White’.

Barry M Sequin 'Black' nail polish on pollypolish.com

Barry M Sequin ‘Black’

Barry M Sequin 'Black' nail polish on pollypolish.com

Barry M Sequin ‘Black’

This is about as rough as the surface of the moon.

Barry’s recent range of textured polishes were great – not my favourite finish style but they were well executed with a nice fine grain to give a textured but wearable effect. These are far more ‘textured’ with more of a grit like feel rather than a subtle texture. I even had to check with the company that they were supposed to be like this. It’s just too much in one bottle. Massive lumps and chunky glitter makes the whole thing a pain to apply – glitter placement can be hard enough without having to navigate clumpy grit.

Take away the so called texture and these could have been cute layer-able polishes, especially the white which would have been a readily accessible alternative to those quirky white based, multi glitter indies. Without the grit this trio would have been a nice addition to the Barry M polish family. I’m going to go as far as to say that these are a pretty epic failure, and not at all indicative of the high quality brilliance that we normally see from this UK brand. That is why I’m now going to put these out of my mind, forget that they existed, and move on to the summer Gelly polishes which I will be showing you soon.

Important Bits:

Coats 1 of each over chosen base colour, with 1 coat of Gelous on each.
Volume 10ml
Cost £3.99
Availability Available now from Superdrug and Boots in ‘hotspots’ (the showcase areas of the cosmetics stands rather than the normal polish part of the stand so I’m told)

This product was sent for review.

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  • Mum

    They look feral!

  • Alison B

    I so agree. I like a smooth finish even if it comes from a top coat. Shame because I like the colours.

  • http://www.thatsdamnprecious.blogspot.co.uk Lisa

    Im really glad you reviewed these as i was definitely going to buy them! Ill steer clear! Pretty disappointing from Barry M!

    Lisa xo

  • http://thebookishmanicurist.blogspot.com The Bookish Manicuri

    Hmm, the finish on all of them looks a bit average, esp. the black. I know a friend was going to buy these so I’m going to point her in the direction of this post, hun!

  • http://thepolishhaven.blogspot.com/ Kristy

    That’s a bit disappointing considering their great track record

  • http://valiantlyvarnished.blogspot.com Valiantly Varnished

    Sequin Black reminds me a LOT of Deborah Lippmann Cleopatra in New York except for the rough texture. The finish of this one kind of ruins the the whole glitter effect.

  • Kara

    Lmao “as rough as the surface of the moon”.
    I was so looking forward to these. They looked gorgeous. I planned to get all three before I saw the swatches. The texture just does not work. I’m quite disappointed in Barry M too since they seemed to be going in the right direction.

  • http://www.vickylovesnails.blogspot.co.uk Vicky

    I may have to erase this collection from my memory also, Barry M are usually so great, definitely one of my favourite brands. These would have been sooo much better if they weren’t textured. I probably would have bought them all if this had been the case, however after seeing peoples reviews and swatches of them I shall save my money and buy all their gellies instead :).

  • Lauren

    When I saw the promos for these, I wasn’t massively interested, but thought swatched might change my mind. I had no idea they were going to have massive textured bumps in them! I’m a fan of the textures trend, but these just look like there’s a load of stuff on your nail which youve painted over! every other set of swatches have been the same. Not a fan of these polishes – it’s too much going on at once, which is a shame because I LOVE Barry M.

  • http://uknailrunner.blogspot.co.uk uknailrunner

    hmm, this is the second review of these I’ve seen, and I think the consensus is these need to be given a wide berth, then forgotten about!

    Thanks for posting and saving me a bit of money, as I would certainly have bought these as soon as I saw them in the shops had I not seen reviews first!

  • Lorraine/Squeaky Mom

    Thanks for the warning! The colours look so pretty in the bottle I’d been trying to hunt them down. I’ll skip them now.

    (And if you want to know about Barry M’s earlier failures, did you try the Hallowe’en Web Effect limited edition? Horrific fail)

    • Polly

      haha! I have tried it, but trust me, not an epic fail especially compared to these.

  • Loulou

    I bought the white verson of this even though I had heard terrible things about it and honestly in the bottle it doesnt look very appealing. But I didnt like the black and have no white polishes at all amd was buying the limited addition pink so white it was.

    Have to admit its not my favourite from barry m but still not the worse polish ive used. I dont mind the rough texture of polishes (in fact I loved the textured range) but think that plus the glitter ruin it, although i think they were going for a sequin feel as they can feel rough.

    I think i will stick with putting oridanry glitter over textures. Much nicer

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