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Polly Polish is my alter ego. I’m a twenty-something part Australian, part English lady now living back in the UK. As a teenager I never really got into makeup, I remember a friend trying to apply eyeliner on me in the middle of an English class but I had that much of a fit about it that she couldn’t even get close. I’m still not keen on other people coming anywhere near any part of my face, and I’ve only ever found one makeup artist who doesn’t insist on painting my ghostly complexion with a vivid shade of orange. Nowadays I have a limited but carefully chosen range of makeup, though rather a large collection of eyeliners.

The one thing I have always had a love for though, is nail polish. In the past year or so my collection has become closer to being obscene, so this blog has become my way of justifying my purchases to my other half, and to myself. That’s right, all items reviewed on this blog have been purchased by myself, or given as gifts from friends/family. If I am ever fortunate enough to be sent a product for the purposes of review, I will always make this known, and my reviews will remain frank and honest. I will never accept products or payment in return for positive reviews, or indeed promise any review at all in return for compensation. Any products sent for review will only be reviewed if I feel it is in keeping with Polly Polish and will always be my true and individual opinion.

If you’d like to get in touch, you can email me hello[at]pollypolish.com

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