Pretty Serious Museum of Naileontology collection

Pretty Serious Museum of Naileontology

The latest collection from Pretty Serious is one that I hope (and know) will grow, but it starts with these three beauties. The Museum of Naileontology might not be a tourist attraction you’re familiar with, primarily because this collection is the brainchild of Kaz Harris, Owner of Pretty Serious and blogger at Pretty Random, a vintage nail blog. Pretty Serious has always been inspired by the brands that shook the nail world back in the 90’s with edgy never before seen shades and in your face marketing campaigns and our brand new Naileontology line is an extension of her obsession with all things discontinued! Kaz has dug deep into her stash of thousands and selected three of her favourite long gone shades to restyle with Pretty Serious flair.

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Rimmel Mattes & Glitters

Rimmel Mattes & Glitters

The end of 2014 saw Rimmel London add to their ever growing nail polish line with a collection of 5 velvet mattes and 5 clear based glitter toppers.

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Spell Polish Cardinal Sin and Wool of Bat

Spell Polish ‘Cardinal Sin’ and ‘Wool of Bat’

I’d been wanting to try Spell Polish for a while when I finally bit the bullet and bought these two lovely colours (I also have 3 provided as samples that I’ll be showing later but for the sake of transparency, yes I paid for these). Spell is a lovely little boutique range from the U.S. that have really nailed their branding. The site, bottles, labels and packaging all match beautifully, and on top of this each polish comes with a cute little spell card unique to that shade. I’ll try to take photos of the cards soon, but for now I couldn’t get a shot that did them justice! Suffice to say, the whole image of the brand is cohesive and incredibly appealing. Heather, the powerhouse behind the brand is also a delightful woman which just makes it all so much lovelier. So on to the polish…

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Polly gets a facelift

Polly Polish has relaunched with a brand new look!
While I got a lot of lovely feedback about my previous website, and in particular the liquid style custom lettering of the logo, it was time for a change. Now in it’s 4th year, this is a long overdue facelift – especially as my day job involves designing and building websites! I can’t believe I’d stuck with the same design for so long. As you’d expect, designing your own site is the hardest job to do – much harder than designing for a client! Because of this it will never truly be ‘finished’ and my older posts will need some adjusting to suit the new look, but it’s pretty close now so it’s time to show it to all of my lovely readers. I hope you like it!

Barry M Flowers Spring 2015

Barry M Speedy Nail Art – Flowers

What happens when you have lots of pretty colours to play with and a dotting tool? Lots of flowery tiny dots that result in hand cramps is what! I did this on both hands too I’ll have you know.

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Barry M Speedy Nail Paints

I’ve been told that these polishes have taken a while to produce because of UK regulations for quick dry ingredients, but I’m glad that Barry M finally have a quick dry range to add to their ever growing array of nail polish! Now, I feel like polish dries really slowly on me, so the Managing Director, Dean Mero, asked me to pay special attention to the drying time. I’ll comment on that and the formulas at the end of the post, for now though…PICTURES!

All of the swatches below are shown with a top coat using Barry M ‘Plumpy’, a new high gloss top coat.

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Pretty Serious Rooftop Soiree

Pretty Serious Rooftop Soiree Collection

I know, I know, it’s been a while. Lots going on outside the world of blogging for me lately, but I did swatch these around Christmas (as my nail length shows – they’re now pretty short) but have only just found some time to write a post for them! The polishes in this post are the offerings from Pretty Serious Cosmetics for the festive season of 2014, the Rooftop Soiree collection (fun fact: I mistype ‘roof’ as ‘foof’ every time).

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piCture pOlish “Eyre”

‘Eyre’ is piCture pOlishes re-release of Ozotic 914, it’s absolutely gorgeous too.

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Picture Polish Honeydew & Dream

piCture pOlish ‘Dream’ and ‘Honeydew’

The last couple of years I’ve taken part in piCture pOlish’s BlogFest, and had intended to again this year but for various reasons that I won’t bore you with I had to pull out last minute. Jules very kindly allowed me to keep the items for review instead so here’s the two I was sent, along with the right angled Nail Vinyls now available through piCture pOlish.

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Dior 'Or Czarine/Czarina Gold' nail polish on

Dior ‘Czarina Gold’

I am currently waiting for a few nasty breaks to grow out and fortunately for me I’m a bit slack – I’ve had this lovely polish for ages now and swatched it so long ago that I’d forgotten about it! Yay for backlogs! This was one of those polishes that I had to stalk eBay for. From memory it was a reasonable price (cheaper than the original RRP) but there was a bit of patience required before one turned up.

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Some seasonally inappropriate nail art with Barry M

I’ve always worn dark colours in spring and summer, so why not post some abstract citrus nail art in November? Why not, exactly! And when it’s exclusively made up of Barry M polishes, you can’t really go wrong.

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NYK1 Secrets Gel Starter Kit Review

This is a first for me. Gels have always been a big scary unknown to me. It might sound daft, I know, but the whole thing just seemed so complex, so when I was offered the opportunity to test out an at home kit I was pretty excited.

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A VHTF Illamasqua gradient – ‘Destiny’ and ‘Propaganda’

I’ve been dying to show this manicure, but PR commitments have gotten in the way a little (I’m not complaining), but in the spirit of my post in which I explained my desire to blog for myself and myself alone, I’m posting this now because I’m sick of looking at it in my backlog! I have already posted about Illamasqua’s Australian exclusive ‘Destiny‘, and when I picked up a discontinued colour called ‘Propaganda’ I knew a gradient would be happening.

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Pahlish & She Sells Seashells Halloween nails

Inspired by An Caisteal Ruadh (Redcastle in Scottish Gaelic), this is an oxblood red jelly polish with a mix of gold and silver flakes and copper shimmer that screamed halloween to me, and made the perfect based for a blinged out spider!

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Swatch & Review: Barry M new core colours

You might think I’ve posted enough Barry M polishes this week. You would be wrong though, because there is no such thing as too much Barry M. Today I have three new additions to the core range on a bit of a colour theme too.

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Barry M Autumn/Winter 2014 Glitterati nail polish on

Swatch & Review: Barry M Glitterati

I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with glitter polishes. I am a bit of a magpie, so I do gravitate towards sparkly and shiny things. I’ve never been completely sold with glitter on my nails though, possibly partly due to the removal aspect but I think I also tend to prefer wearing more subtle or sophisticated polishes. I’m also not a fan of the ‘lets throw a bunch of glitter in a bottle and give it a cool name, that’ll sell well’ approach.

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Rimmel Kate Planets Collection via

Swatch & Review Rimmel Kate Planets Collection

Today I’ve got some lovely Rimmel Kate polishes. Perhaps you saw a sneaky post from me when I accidentally hit ‘publish’. I haven’t done that for ages so I suppose I was due a cock up. Anyway, the polishes. These are all dark polishes, which after the Rita Ora pastels makes me really happy (I might have mentioned I’m not a fan of pastels once or twice). I don’t know if the collection is called ‘Planets’ because it seems to be unnamed, but the polishes all reference a celestial object. So on with the swatches…

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Barry M Autumn/Winter 2014 Silk nail polish on

Barry M Winter 2014 Silks

Barry M are back with some more silks for winter. The spring silks caught me by surprise a little because I loved them far more than I thought I would. Pastels aren’t really my cup of tea though so I was excited to see more silks for winter, but in some very festive colours.

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Pretty Serious Brand New Undies Collection nail polish on

Swatch & Review: Pretty Serious Brand New Undies

While I might be allowing myself to blog without as much self-imposed pressure, Pretty Serious are one range that I will always make time for – even if that time is a little later than I’d have liked. Following up the beautiful Pinup collection of cremes are these bright and beautiful staple shades from Pretty Serious, the Brand New Undies.

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Revelations: Being at peace with who I am as a blogger

There are many sides to me, as I’m sure there are for most people, and they can be split into three broad areas nowadays. There’s the person Hannah, professional Hannah, and there’s Polly. Regardless of the side of myself, I’ve always been my own worst critic. I find the bad stuff easier to believe about myself.

Polly came to be after the other two sides of my life crumbled. It wasn’t that anything traumatic triggered it (though my life hasn’t been without trauma), but I found myself in a period that turned into a year of not being present in my own life. There are lots of things that led up to it that I won’t go into, partly because this isn’t a pity party but also because I am still quite fiercely private about some parts of my life. What I needed was a reason to get past that period in my life, and creating Polly Polish was ‘my thing’. It gave me a reason to get dressed when I didn’t feel like I had any other reason. Looking back I know that this was depression. Yes, depression is a chemical imbalance, and no I have never been diagnosed by a professional and I have never taken medication. I attempted to seek professional help but had the misfortune of being blocked by a useless GP (I have a brilliant one now so let’s not tar them all with the same brush). What I did have though, was a realisation that things needed to change and it dawned on me that I was the only person who could do that. I still didn’t truly realise how far I had let it go at this point though, I just knew it wasn’t how life was supposed to feel.

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Kiko Daring Game 2, 3 and 5 swatches nail polish on

Swatch & Review: Kiko Daring Game

Some lovely staple colours today from Kiko’s Daring Game collection.

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OPI Nordic Collection 'Do You Have This Color in Stockholm?' and 'Valking in a Vinter Vonderland' nail polish on

Swatch & Review OPI Nordic ‘Do You Have This Color In Stockholm’ and ‘Valking in a Vinter Vonderland’

I love the inspiration behind OPI’s autumn collection. The Nordic polishes all look lovely, and while not necessarily super exciting, they are wonderfully reliable cremes in some rich tones that avoid the stereotypical (though much loved) autumn leaves inspired shades. Two of the purple based colours were my first picks when I saw the collection so I have them to show you today.

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Illamasqua 'Melange' nail polish on

Swatch & Review: Illamasqua ‘Melange’ + gradient

Illamasqua’s new collection, ‘Once’, is a lovely and delicate offering for Autumn. Rather than the traditional burnt oranges and browns, Illamasqua have created a collection of muted greens and peachy beiges that feel ethereal and evocative of the French Renaissance. The single nail polish from this range is ‘Melange’, which I’m assuming is from the French for ‘mix’, which goes a long way to describing this polish actually.

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Press Release: Pretty Serious Cosmetics Undies

Pretty Serious is back with a brand new collection of six vibrant cremes! Introducing Brand New Undies!

COMFY Y-FRONTS – Classic, comfortable and dependable, this royal blue creme might be restrictive at first, but then it becomes a part of you.
DARING DELICATES – Sexy and alluring, this plum creme is perfect for the daring diva in everyone.
GRANNY PANTIES – Like a hug from Grandma, this baby blue creme will comfort you on even the worst days of the month.
KNICKERS IN A KNOT – Getting your Knickers in a Knot is no longer a bad thing, with this vibrant purple creme!
LACY UNDERTHINGS – Add a bit of sass to that sashay with some neon magenta Lacy Underthings!
UNDER DUNDERS – Perfect for every day wear, our Teal green Under Dunders are sure to become a fashion staple!

Pre-orders start at 9am on Monday the 22nd September, and close on Sunday the 28th at 9pm. On-sale date for these products October 13. Pre-orders will ship as soon as stock arrives at the warehouse, you will not have to wait for on-sale date. Please note that any in stock items added to your pre-order will ship together with your pre-ordered items as one shipment.

Price is $9.95 for 11ml/0.37fl.oz or a limited pre-order discount of $53.75 for a full set of six, or try one of their international suppliers.

I’m definitely most excited for Knickers in a Knot, and I’m super excited that the whole collection is on a colour theme. Any of these take your fancy?