Grace-full Nail Polish ‘What a Girl Wants’ collection

It’s been a while, so long in fact that I am now in a different decade! Today though I have the 2nd birthday collection from Grace-full Nail Polish, a lovely Australian indie brand. The collection is called ‘What a Girl Needs (the follow up to ‘What a Girl Wants’) and consists of 6 polishes that were derived form suggestions from the Grace-full Facebook fan group.

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Pretty Serious Stop! Collaborate & Listen – Part 2

It’s been a while, I know. Today though I have (finally) got the other two blogger collaborations in the Pretty Serious Stop! Collaborate & Listen collection, which round out the collection that includes my own baby – Iktsuarpok.

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OPI Color Paints

OPI Color Paints Swatch & Review

If you follow me on Instagram you might have seen that I posted a bottle shot of the OPI Color Paints (ugh it kills me to drop the U out) and I was really excited about these. Color Paints is a set of 8 jelly colours with a silver ‘canvas’ base. If I’m honest, I’ve not been excited about non-vintage polish of late. There have been some nice polishes, but nothing that has made me feel genuinely keen to pull out the nail art supplies and have a play. I’m so glad that this collection met my expectations; they’re incredibly fun to use and I’ve still got things in my head that I want to try that I didn’t get time to do for this post. So, on to the swatches…

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Powder Perfect Stained Glass Nail Art

Quickie post: Powder Perfect Stained Glass nail art

When it rains it pours! I know I should plan my posts better but I just felt like sharing something a bit more artsy than just swatches today. My mum brought over her Powder Perfect Stained Glass polishes when she visited earlier this year for me to steal. The blue instantly stood out for me and makes great abstract water with some She Sells Seashells vinyls, and with the addition of some fishies (a no name orange random bottle I found) it made for quite a cute mani.

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OPI Infinite Shine

OPI Infinite Shine Swatch & Review

Since trying the Barry M Sunset polishes I’ve been keen to try something with the same aim from another brand. OPI’s Infinite Shine uses a 3 step system for a high-shine creme finish that lasts for up to 10 days (apparently). Like the Barry M’s it can be removed with normal remover, and provides high-shine long wear colour, but the difference is that OPI uses a specific primer base coat whereas Barry M make no mention of a base coat. You all know my feelings about applying colour straight to the nail – don’t do it! So I’m pleased to be trying one that includes both the top and base coat.

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Rimmel 60 second super shine


I say ‘all’, but it is very nearly all of the Rimmel nail polish range. Rimmel recently sent their bloggers an epic pack that contains all of their colours (bar about 5 missing shades) including new Rita Ora summer colours and all of their standard line re-released in the new bottles with their new 60 Seconds Super Shine 3-in-1 Nail Colour Technology – try saying that when you’re drunk!

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Barry M Sunset Collection

Barry M’s new Sunset Daylight Curing Nail Paint and Topcoat aim to deliver the look and resilience of pro salon gel nails without the need for a UV lamp. Releases like this are interesting because they bring long wear to a more affordable level. First up there’s a tonne of pictures…

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Pretty Serious Stop, Collaborate and Listen collection - MY Polly Polish Collaboration 'Iktsuarpok'

Introducing my Pretty Serious collaboration polish: “Iktsuarpok”

Good things come to those who wait, and this one was worth the wait! It’s been about two years in the making, plus two visits to Kaz and Ben of Pretty Serious Cosmetics in Australia (that’s not an essential part of working on a collaboration shade I’ll grant you, but it was as good an excuse as any to visit friends) but ‘iktsuarpok’ is finally here. I hope you all love it as much as I do!

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To sell or not to sell – Sample Etiquette

You might have noticed that I recently added a lot of polishes to my blog sale, and doing this always seems to bring up the much debated issue of selling (or not selling) samples. By samples I mean any polish (or indeed other saleable items) that has been sent to a blogger by a company or a PR agency, regardless of whether a review has been promised in return for said products. I thought it was about time I put my two pence into the debate, because I don’t think it’s as cut and dry as “do” or “don’t”.

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Powder Perfect Lower Kingdom

Powder Perfect Egyptology Part one – The Lower Kingdom

This collection makes for one hell of a sparkly post! This is part one of Powder Perfect’s Egyptology series – The Lower Kingdom – a set of five super sparkly glitters.

You can read more about Jacinta’s inspiration for the collection here, and I’ll never get bored of saying how much I admire her sources of inspiration that go way beyond over-done pop culture, but I’ll crack on with the sparkly pictures now!

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River Island tutorial - Sugar Crush sweet donut nails

Sugar Crush nail art tutorial with River Island

I’ve got a nail art tutorial today for a spring fashion trend, in collaboration with River Island and three other brilliant UK nail bloggers (Ave, Alice, Jenny and Allie) who are each showing a different theme chosen by River Island to represent their upcoming collections.

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Spell Polish

Spell Polish ‘Dark Horse’, ‘Dwelling In Cliffs’ and ‘Toe of Frog’

I’ve got a few more Spell Polishes to share today. I had the choice for these samples and rather than get some from the same collection I decided to just pick the ones that made my heart sing the most, and these three really are stunners

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Morgan Taylor Cinderella

Morgan Taylor Cinderella

The latest live-action film from Disney is Kenneth Branagh’s ‘Cinderella’ with the lovely Lily James (of Downton Abbey fame) and Richard Madden aka Robb Stark from Game of Thrones – he’s no Jon Snow but he’ll do. Morgan Taylor have a cute collection of pastel pinks and blues out for the official Cinderella release, and I have 3 to show you.

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Pretty Serious Museum of Naileontology collection

Pretty Serious Museum of Naileontology

The latest collection from Pretty Serious is one that I hope (and know) will grow, but it starts with these three beauties. The Museum of Naileontology might not be a tourist attraction you’re familiar with, primarily because this collection is the brainchild of Kaz Harris, Owner of Pretty Serious and blogger at Pretty Random, a vintage nail blog. Pretty Serious has always been inspired by the brands that shook the nail world back in the 90’s with edgy never before seen shades and in your face marketing campaigns and our brand new Naileontology line is an extension of her obsession with all things discontinued! Kaz has dug deep into her stash of thousands and selected three of her favourite long gone shades to restyle with Pretty Serious flair.

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Rimmel Mattes & Glitters

Rimmel Mattes & Glitters

The end of 2014 saw Rimmel London add to their ever growing nail polish line with a collection of 5 velvet mattes and 5 clear based glitter toppers.

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Spell Polish Cardinal Sin and Wool of Bat

Spell Polish ‘Cardinal Sin’ and ‘Wool of Bat’

I’d been wanting to try Spell Polish for a while when I finally bit the bullet and bought these two lovely colours (I also have 3 provided as samples that I’ll be showing later but for the sake of transparency, yes I paid for these). Spell is a lovely little boutique range from the U.S. that have really nailed their branding. The site, bottles, labels and packaging all match beautifully, and on top of this each polish comes with a cute little spell card unique to that shade. I’ll try to take photos of the cards soon, but for now I couldn’t get a shot that did them justice! Suffice to say, the whole image of the brand is cohesive and incredibly appealing. Heather, the powerhouse behind the brand is also a delightful woman which just makes it all so much lovelier. So on to the polish…

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Polly gets a facelift

Polly Polish has relaunched with a brand new look!
While I got a lot of lovely feedback about my previous website, and in particular the liquid style custom lettering of the logo, it was time for a change. Now in it’s 4th year, this is a long overdue facelift – especially as my day job involves designing and building websites! I can’t believe I’d stuck with the same design for so long. As you’d expect, designing your own site is the hardest job to do – much harder than designing for a client! Because of this it will never truly be ‘finished’ and my older posts will need some adjusting to suit the new look, but it’s pretty close now so it’s time to show it to all of my lovely readers. I hope you like it!

Barry M Flowers Spring 2015

Barry M Speedy Nail Art – Flowers

What happens when you have lots of pretty colours to play with and a dotting tool? Lots of flowery tiny dots that result in hand cramps is what! I did this on both hands too I’ll have you know.

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Barry M Speedy Nail Paints

I’ve been told that these polishes have taken a while to produce because of UK regulations for quick dry ingredients, but I’m glad that Barry M finally have a quick dry range to add to their ever growing array of nail polish! Now, I feel like polish dries really slowly on me, so the Managing Director, Dean Mero, asked me to pay special attention to the drying time. I’ll comment on that and the formulas at the end of the post, for now though…PICTURES!

All of the swatches below are shown with a top coat using Barry M ‘Plumpy’, a new high gloss top coat.

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Pretty Serious Rooftop Soiree

Pretty Serious Rooftop Soiree Collection

I know, I know, it’s been a while. Lots going on outside the world of blogging for me lately, but I did swatch these around Christmas (as my nail length shows – they’re now pretty short) but have only just found some time to write a post for them! The polishes in this post are the offerings from Pretty Serious Cosmetics for the festive season of 2014, the Rooftop Soiree collection (fun fact: I mistype ‘roof’ as ‘foof’ every time).

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piCture pOlish “Eyre”

‘Eyre’ is piCture pOlishes re-release of Ozotic 914, it’s absolutely gorgeous too.

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Picture Polish Honeydew & Dream

piCture pOlish ‘Dream’ and ‘Honeydew’

The last couple of years I’ve taken part in piCture pOlish’s BlogFest, and had intended to again this year but for various reasons that I won’t bore you with I had to pull out last minute. Jules very kindly allowed me to keep the items for review instead so here’s the two I was sent, along with the right angled Nail Vinyls now available through piCture pOlish.

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Dior 'Or Czarine/Czarina Gold' nail polish on

Dior ‘Czarina Gold’

I am currently waiting for a few nasty breaks to grow out and fortunately for me I’m a bit slack – I’ve had this lovely polish for ages now and swatched it so long ago that I’d forgotten about it! Yay for backlogs! This was one of those polishes that I had to stalk eBay for. From memory it was a reasonable price (cheaper than the original RRP) but there was a bit of patience required before one turned up.

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Some seasonally inappropriate nail art with Barry M

I’ve always worn dark colours in spring and summer, so why not post some abstract citrus nail art in November? Why not, exactly! And when it’s exclusively made up of Barry M polishes, you can’t really go wrong.

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