Nail care: Nailtiques Formula 2 review

Nailtiques Formula 2 Kit nail polish on

Nailtiques Formula 2 Kit

I’ve been meaning to do a post about some of the things that I swear by for nail care for a while now. I see lots of bloggers start these posts with ‘lots of people have asked me about [insert nail care question] so I thought I’d do a full post about it.’ Truth be told, I rarely get asked any questions. I suspect there are many reasons for this that I won’t ramble on about, but it has made me think that I should engage readers of my blog a little more. I’ll attempt to do so in future posts, but for now I’m just going to go right ahead and tell you a bit about one of my must-haves for nail maintenance, whether you asked or not! The first, and possibly the most important for me, is Nailtiques strengthener/base coat.

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Chanel: Red Dream

Chanel 'Red Dream' nail polish on

Chanel ‘Red Dream’

Another eBay find here. I’ve seen Red Dream go for well over $30, but I managed to snag this one for about £5.

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Birthday polish! Dior ‘Lime’

Dior 'Lime' nail polish on

Dior ‘Lime’

It’s my birthday today, and while my nails are still recovering from a ridiculously bad break I wanted to show you a polish that I got for my birthday. It was an early birthday present from my mum, hence why I have swatches on unbroken nails! Dior ‘Lime’ has been on my wish list for a while now, ever since it was released in fact. It was an LE that was never released in the UK, along with Mango and Pastèque (watermelon to you and me). I’d love the trio, but Lime was always the standout for me, so thanks mum for fulfilling a lemming!

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Vintage Dior: Sparkling Blueberry 979

Dior 'Sparkling Blueberry 979' nail polish on

Dior ‘Sparkling Blueberry 979′

A while ago, Kaz of Pretty Random posted about this magic Dior number. I’d been watching a seller who had a dozen bottles for sale so I felt fairly safe waiting until I was a bit more flushed with cash. Kaz’s post changed all of that though as I saw the number of available bottles plummet overnight (enabler!), so she was awesome and bought me a bottle, and I LOVE it.

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Binky London ‘Coral’ and ‘Copper’

Binky London 'Coral' and 'Copper' nail polish on

Binky London ‘Coral’ and ‘Copper’

I’m back after a crappy cold! Well, sort of. I currently have a huge tear in a nail on my swatching hand so once I runout of photos taken prior to that I might struggle a bit. There are some nail silks and resin on the way so in the mean time I’m using wearing a plaster as an excuse to get out of doing the dishes. So, what am I returning with? This is a new UK brand called Binky London, and I have a gel effect ‘Coral’ and metallic ‘Copper’ to show you.

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